My dotfiles for my Linux rice managed with stow and make
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music 384B

  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. i3-msg "workspace 3"
  3. i3-msg "append_layout ~/.config/i3/layouts/music.json"
  4. i3-msg 'exec --no-startup-id urxvt -name mpsyt -e /home/micah/.config/i3/scripts/runner "mpsyt"'
  5. i3-msg 'exec --no-startup-id urxvt -name cava -e /home/micah/.config/i3/scripts/runner "cava"'
  6. i3-msg 'exec --no-startup-id urxvt -name gpymusic -e /home/micah/.config/i3/scripts/runner "gpymusic"'