My dotfiles for my Linux rice managed with stow and make
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.pins 544B

  1. ASKE /home/micah/Documents/GTRI/ASKE
  2. backup /home/micah/Documents/backup-script
  3. gtri /home/micah/Documents/School-Work/GTRI
  4. gtri-local /home/micah/Documents/GTRI
  5. ideas /home/micah/Documents/School-Work/CS3312/IDEAS-Conference-Planner
  6. ks /home/micah/go/src/
  7. man /home/micah/Documents/
  8. sasdb /home/micah/Documents/GTRI/sonar/sasdb
  9. semanticmodels /home/micah/Documents/GTRI/ASKE/SemanticModels.jl
  10. snapshots /home/micah/.snapshots
  11. workspace /home/micah/Documents/dotfiles-workspace