• Release v0.5.0

    mehalter released this 2 years ago | 338 commits to master since this release


    • ueberzug for ranger image preview
    • added wallpaper collection
    • displayselect script for a dmenu based display selection
    • pdfpcnotes.sty to generate pdfpc notes from latex beamer
    • vifm configuration
    • systemd service to start dunst with the correct colors makes it easy to
      check status and ensure it is running
    • created sxiveh script to view remote images/gifs in sxiv
    • sxiv application to replace feh
    • G'MIC plugin to Gimp
    • entr and auto compilation to vim
    • vim mapping to open html file in browser
    • compiler script to handle all compilation options


    • moved from pywal to wpgtk
    • moved md pandoc compilation back to LaTeX from groff
    • script reorganization and complete overhaul
    • made qutebrowser the $TRUEBROWSER and use linkhandler as the $BROWSER
    • moved i3 variables to environment variables
    • moved LaTeX style files to where they are automatically detected
    • zathura opens not recolored by default
    • rewrote how autocomp is used in vim
    • fixed a bug with vim autocompiler
    • moved default file browser to vifm
    • moved wallpaper manager to xwallpaper and fully got rid of feh
    • moved rtv from feh to sxiv
    • moved from scrot to maim for screenshots