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  Micah Halter 78726a2547 Added qutebrowser dark theme preference 2 weeks ago
  Micah Halter a127ce7fe6 Made gpmm more automated 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter a4d5d084e1 More cleanup 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 629365c51d Cleaned up vim-anywhere script 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 1f7857dbf1 Fixed display bemenu prompts 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 219a42ed4f Moved from vim-surround to vim-sandwich 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 14499d1e34 Fixed mpv bug for real 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter b7ebda580d Fixed i3 bug 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 297f0df1b6 Fixed bug in rtv mailcap, patch version tag 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 60383c907a Fixed bluetooth bemenu case sensitivity 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 6c7d536fbc merge master 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 9f59e4b88c Adjusted fd command in fzf 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter eb44b50d5a Enable picom by default 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 1b94c389a5 Added alias for ssh to change TERM env 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 2e62152403 Updated vim-plug 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter f50550461d Moved from dmenu to bemenu 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 18d2fe842c Added latex dmenu script 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter f39323a2db Added a lot of unicode characters to dmenu script 3 weeks ago
  Micah Halter 5b68b1be05 Updated README 1 month ago
  Micah Halter b940cacb69 Version bump 1 month ago
  Micah Halter 2c5c80c30f Updated changelog 1 month ago
  Micah Halter a2f0a892b5 updated files 1 month ago
  Micah Halter 2d78916cc0 Customized for personal laptop 1 month ago
  Micah Halter 8bfffc7126 Cleaned up stuff, removed tmuxinator dependency, and worked on jupyter neovim integration 1 month ago
  Micah Halter d0abb9ccb9 Added some stuff to displayctrl 2 months ago
  Micah Halter 9665c105c6 added status bar button on laptop 2 months ago
  Micah Halter a87817468a Fixed lock colors 2 months ago
  Micah Halter 9f3fc10d4e Cleaned up some font stuff 2 months ago
  Micah Halter 181e54221f Merge branch 'master' of mehalter.com:mehalter/dotfiles 2 months ago
  Micah Halter 5a9e7e95ad Moved compton to picom, fixed some alias stuff, and added a markdeep template 2 months ago
  Micah Halter 71ea299a67 Updated stuff 2 months ago
  Micah Halter c7a28e210b Updated color of dunst 2 months ago
  Micah Halter dc7d6f9d8b Added new tmux binding to create new window at current directory 3 months ago
  Micah Halter b4daff851b Teaking pop up bar 3 months ago
  Micah Halter a2dedcf9c2 Fixed some more stuff 3 months ago
  Micah Halter 1531584e1a Added images 3 months ago
  Micah Halter a556d3fa6d Add off text 3 months ago
  Micah Halter 3ad93045e9 Fix powersave stuff 3 months ago
  Micah Halter 8f9d0b283c Added some stats to readme like number of files and loc 3 months ago
  Micah Halter d9ea9a7261 Moved to dunst based statusbar 3 months ago
  Micah Halter 2cfd6f6734 Updated gtk 3 months ago
  Micah Halter a7dfef9f55 Added a couple more wallpapers 3 months ago
  Micah Halter b651a40678 Revamped httpstart 3 months ago
  Micah Halter 074b1464ec Added python aliases 3 months ago
  Micah Halter 82c480af2d Moved to new and improved python i3 library 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 7c261e1c1f Updated vim plug 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 79cb9822ee Added tmux system clipboard support 4 months ago
  Micah Halter c6ba4b8ea9 Moved vim back to spaces instead of tabs 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 8530d52a25 Added saved site settings to config.py 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 5cd6baf289 Added pandoc template detection 6 months ago