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Updated gitignore and added tikzit document styles

Micah Halter 5 months ago
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# neovim plugins
# mpv control file

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% TiKZ style file generated by TikZiT. You may edit this file manually,
% but some things (e.g. comments) may be overwritten. To be readable in
% TikZiT, the only non-comment lines must be of the form:
% \tikzstyle{NAME}=[PROPERTY LIST]
% Node styles
\tikzstyle{variable_node}=[fill={rgb,255: red,108; green,154; blue,195}, draw=black, shape=circle, text=white]
\tikzstyle{block}=[fill={rgb,255: red,226; green,143; blue,65}, draw=black, shape=rectangle, text=white]
\tikzstyle{Ob}=[fill=none, draw=none, shape=rectangle]
\tikzstyle{table}=[fill={rgb,255: red,224; green,229; blue,205}, draw={rgb,255: red,95; green,96; blue,98}, shape=rectangle]
\tikzstyle{title}=[fill=white, draw={rgb,255: red,128; green,190; blue,99}, shape=rectangle, text=black, line width=1mm, minimum width=8cm, minimum height=1cm]
\tikzstyle{blockprime}=[fill={rgb,255: red,108; green,154; blue,195}, draw=black, shape=rectangle, text=white]
\tikzstyle{Hom3by3}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, minimum height=20mm]
\tikzstyle{finsetdot}=[fill={rgb,255: red,128; green,128; blue,128}, draw=black, shape=circle]
\tikzstyle{Hom1x3}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, minimum height=1cm]
\tikzstyle{Hom1x3_rounded}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, minimum height=1cm, rounded corners]
\tikzstyle{outerframe4x6}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, minimum width=6cm, minimum height=4cm, rounded corners, fill opacity=0]
\tikzstyle{outerbox6x17}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, fill opacity=0, rounded corners, minimum width=17cm, minimum height=6cm]
\tikzstyle{outerbox}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, rounded corners, fill opacity=0, minimum width=14cm, minimum height=5cm]
\tikzstyle{outerbox8x4}=[fill=white, draw=black, shape=rectangle, rounded corners, fill opacity=0, minimum height=8cm, minimum width=8cm]
% Edge styles
\tikzstyle{new edge style 0}=[->, draw={rgb,255: red,127; green,129; blue,131}, line width=0.6mm]
\tikzstyle{arrow}=[draw={rgb,255: red,177; green,179; blue,182}, ->, line width=0.4mm]
\tikzstyle{undirected}=[-, draw={rgb,255: red,177; green,179; blue,182}, line width=0.6mm]
\tikzstyle{cospan_edge}=[->, draw=black, dashed, line width=0.4mm]
\tikzstyle{new edge style 1}=[-]