My dotfiles for my Linux rice managed with stow and make
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2 years ago
image/x-imgur-album; sxiveh '%s'; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"
image/gif; mpv '%s' --autofit=640x480 --loop=inf; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"
2 years ago
image/*; sxiveh '%s'; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"
video/x-youtube; mpv --ytdl-format=best '%s' --autofit=640x480; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"
video/*; mpv '%s' --autofit=640x480 --loop=inf; test=test -n "$DISPLAY"
# Non X-Server commands
image/x-imgur-album; echo
image/*; curl -s '%s' | convert -resize 80x80 - jpg:/tmp/tuir.jpg && img2xterm /tmp/tuir.jpg; needsterminal; copiousoutput
image/*; curl -s '%s' | convert - jpg:/tmp/tuir.jpg && img2txt -f utf8 /tmp/tuir.jpg; needsterminal; copiousoutput
video/x-youtube; mpv -vo drm -quiet '%s'; needsterminal
video/*; mpv -vo drm -quiet '%s'; needsterminal