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This is a work in progress of an Ansible playbook that will audit and harden RHEL7 to the DoD STIG v2r6.

This is heavily based on the MindPointGroup/RHEL7-STIG Ansible role

Rules to Investigate Manually

Severity Vulid STIG-ID
CAT-II V-71965 RHEL-07-010500
CAT-II V-92255 RHEL-07-020019
CAT-II V-71971 RHEL-07-020020
CAT-II V-71973 RHEL-07-020030
CAT-II V-71975 RHEL-07-020040
CAT-I V-71997 RHEL-07-020250
CAT-II V-71999 RHEL-07-020260
CAT-II V-72003 RHEL-07-020300
CAT-I V-72005 RHEL-07-020310
CAT-II V-72007 RHEL-07-020320
CAT-II V-72009 RHEL-07-020330
CAT-II V-72011 RHEL-07-020600
CAT-II V-72015 RHEL-07-020620
CAT-II V-72017 RHEL-07-020630
CAT-II V-72019 RHEL-07-020640
CAT-II V-72021 RHEL-07-020650
CAT-II V-72023 RHEL-07-020660
CAT-II V-72025 RHEL-07-020670
CAT-II V-72027 RHEL-07-020680
CAT-II V-72029 RHEL-07-020690
CAT-II V-72031 RHEL-07-020700
CAT-II V-72033 RHEL-07-020710
CAT-II V-72035 RHEL-07-020720
CAT-II V-72037 RHEL-07-020730
CAT-II V-72039 RHEL-07-020900
CAT-II V-72043 RHEL-07-021010
CAT-II V-72045 RHEL-07-021020
CAT-II V-73161 RHEL-07-021021
CAT-III V-81009 RHEL-07-021022
CAT-III V-81011 RHEL-07-021023
CAT-III V-81013 RHEL-07-021024
CAT-II V-72047 RHEL-07-021030
CAT-II V-72049 RHEL-07-021040
CAT-III V-72059 RHEL-07-021310
CAT-III V-72061 RHEL-07-021320
CAT-III V-72063 RHEL-07-021330
CAT-III V-72065 RHEL-07-021340
CAT-I V-72067 RHEL-07-021350
CAT-III V-72069 RHEL-07-021600
CAT-III V-72071 RHEL-07-021610
CAT-II V-72073 RHEL-07-021620
CAT-II V-72075 RHEL-07-021700
CAT-I V-72213 RHEL-07-032000
CAT-II V-72219 RHEL-07-040100
CAT II V-72081 RHEL-07-030010
CAT II V-72083 RHEL-07-030300
CAT II V-72089 RHEL-07-030330
CAT II V-72227 RHEL-07-040180
CAT II V-72229 RHEL-07-040190
CAT II V-72231 RHEL-07-040200
CAT II V-72269 RHEL-07-040500
CAT III V-72881 RHEL-07-040600
CAT III V-72305 RHEL-07-040720
CAT III V-72307 RHEL-07-040730
CAT III V-72311 RHEL-07-040750
CAT III V-72315 RHEL-07-040810
CAT III V-72317 RHEL-07-040820
CAT III V-72319 RHEL-07-041001
CAT III V-72417 RHEL-07-041002
CAT III V-72427 RHEL-07-041003
CAT III V-72433 RHEL-07-041010