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  Micah Halter f85f5febf7
Total Cleanup and Restructuring (#248) 11 months ago
  Kun Cao c92f656206 Deleted Uneeded Files 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks b87d73bfce add a script for syncing Project.toml with REQUIRE 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 0edb02f57b remove whitespace in output 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 9fdcc73455 add try catch to extractvars.jl 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks b45091c7b4 conditional install for bin/extractvars.jl 1 year ago
  Kun Cao 5cdf9a056d Experiments using Kmeans and similarity comparison 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 13924fb0eb WIP: create examples/odegraft.jl 1 year ago
  Kun Cao b79258aa0d semantic clustering 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 66f9f43f3b refactor agentbased and agentgraft examples 1 year ago
  Micah Halter ea907ea7a4 Cleaned up API syntax a bit 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 703f5bcc38 Fixed callable syntax 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 36c5d85676 initial working on transformation api 1 year ago
  Kun Cao 048a9dd0a5 cluster analysis 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 3538d45563 Finished refactoring ModelTools exports 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 34e237d61d add reporting to bin/agentgraft.jl 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 04bc04f408 add exports to ModelTools 1 year ago
  Micah Halter d1c5f01906 Added doc strings to modeltools 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 310a50f432 Moving modeltools to src 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks ae182499f8 add some docs to get started for ExpStateModel 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 53333615af Refactored change in name of modeltool to modeltools 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks aa25e923b2 fix bug with creating quotenode inside :() 1 year ago
  Micah Halter bef3c95bb7 Added transition struct 1 year ago
  Micah Halter a3ae2bceea Removed unnecessary comment 1 year ago
  Micah Halter c8a0f999c9 Updated ExpStateModel API for modifying states 1 year ago
  Kun Cao 02e70c002a spacy similarity comparison for source node and target nodes 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 4b0b15da9b flesh out agentbased example 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 6c23ea4844 adding agentgraft.jl example script 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 03a1f7e816 add an agent based model example, extend modeltool to ABM 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 0b740edc2b clean up graft script 2 years ago
  Kun Cao fceb31e6c7 changed tests to contain certain symbols such as '.' to improve spaCy NLP subject object verb detection 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 48fa897515 use AST manipulations to create the new function for graft.jl 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks f6d57a3737 add bin/modeltool.jl 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 751648c0f3 add replacevar function to Parsers module. 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 347c8589ee add findfunc and findassign to help make grafting easier. 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks af303f42af add logging to python codes 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 5773ba3bc9 SOVgraph and dot file 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 1d214a08c5 Metagraph build from csv, added headers to svo.csv 2 years ago
  Kun Cao cad2fdd4e7 removed .pyc 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 5be20eaba5 removed .pyc 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 3b0927203d requires.txt added 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 2690bf3c3e added additional intro.md files and final CSV file 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 1ec691498d Reorganized Files, working SVO, CSV creation 2 years ago
  Kun Cao c1f0eb70df sir fact extraction 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 4905b6e69a Rosette parts of speech python 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 3f17c01d7b test files and added functionality to extractText 2 years ago
  Kun Cao 189f230717 Handles headers and direct md files 2 years ago
  Kun Cao a16a3c85af kuncao0228- Added extractText.py and testExtractTest.py to capitalize variables and remove equations 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks ab340f0d62 add example.md to docs. 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks bd02bb1dba whitespace cleanup 2 years ago