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  Micah Halter f85f5febf7
Total Cleanup and Restructuring (#248) 11 months ago
  James 5c0e9c9ba8
[WIP] Add a theory for modeling SEIRD diseases w/ primitive transmision model (covid?) (#241) 12 months ago
  Micah Halter b6d2166dda Added petri dependency 2 years ago
  Micah Halter d2e8dcf76e More refactoring and created wiringdiagrams and petrimodels in modeltools 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks acc2176e1b bump project.toml version 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 53bc34510d remove stdlibs from REQUIRE 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks f634ab9fce add julia v1.0 requirement to require 2 years ago
  Micah Halter f727db9b2e Removed unneeded dependencies 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 618b7ebb40 updating dependencies for Pkg 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 436dafb2ee add differential equation based models for spring and SIR 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 0f5af97e93 initial SIR example 2 years ago