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  Micah Halter ec65e7efc5
Updated Petri and Catlab APIs (#252) 7 months ago
  Micah Halter f772bef38b
Update To New Petri API (#251) 9 months ago
  Micah Halter f85f5febf7
Total Cleanup and Restructuring (#248) 11 months ago
  Micah Halter a20be87214
Fix covid example virtual environment (#246) 11 months ago
  James 5c0e9c9ba8
[WIP] Add a theory for modeling SEIRD diseases w/ primitive transmision model (covid?) (#241) 12 months ago
  Micah Halter eb280cfab1
Fix Compat Entries (#233) 1 year ago
  Micah Halter b017740182
Update Project.toml (#232) 1 year ago
  Micah Halter c4875d28b4
Added julia compat (#231) 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 85934df925
New Logo and Compatibility Update (#230) 1 year ago
  Micah Halter 65a60bcba1 Version bump 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks caf9f631ff update demo notebook 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 1a2b10daee upgrade to catlab 0.3 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 62596315e3 add working code for otimes/compose for open petri nets with examples 1 year ago
  James Fairbanks 61e6f5ab2d fix compose and otimes for Open Petri Nets 1 year ago
  Micah Halter b6d2166dda Added petri dependency 2 years ago
  Micah Halter d2e8dcf76e More refactoring and created wiringdiagrams and petrimodels in modeltools 2 years ago
  Micah Halter 4edb69f68e Started refactoring wiring diagrams stuff 2 years ago
  Micah Halter 12504c8640
Function Conflict Bug Fixes (#174) 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 48a15407c5 remove deep learning requirements 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 4ee521fd1d update project tag 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks acc2176e1b bump project.toml version 2 years ago
  Micah Halter 41c0ef0f37 Forgot to add Polynomials uuid 2 years ago
  Micah Halter d042d82faa Cleaded up package dependencies and removed all Pkg.add calls in the examples/tests 2 years ago
  Micah Halter 9d72991f03 Updated project.toml and Dockerfile to pull from METADATA 2 years ago
  Micah Halter ae394dde13 Added more test dependencies 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks d7245743f8 bump version for METADATA 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 16dcf49952 update UUID to match for metadata 2 years ago
  Micah Halter 5e6e3e5a39 Fix test dependencies 2 years ago
  Micah Halter f727db9b2e Removed unneeded dependencies 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 87f76e4d65 add deep learning dependencies 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks f804758ebb trying to use branch validation 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks a50e5400da fix docs bugs discovered on push 2 years ago
  Micah Halter 7ad233359c Fixed typo errors in test/parse.jl, missing dependencies, and travis ci test code 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks cd92b41b1f remove hardcoded paths 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 492a3d38bc add schema definitions to documentation 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 618b7ebb40 updating dependencies for Pkg 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks c6cf278fb9 add LinearAlgebra to the Project.toml 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks aabf5ffefe add Dubstep module and tests 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 24b935a1cd Renamed packed to SemanticModels.jl 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks b85aff0580 add initial docs 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 890757cf7b add flumodel example notebook 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks efb5c2ab3b add deps to Project.toml 2 years ago
  James Fairbanks 5e61cc2120 add a project.toml 2 years ago