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Updated 3 months ago

My dotfiles for my Linux rice managed with stow and make

Updated 2 months ago

Self contained virtual environments for Julia.

Updated 8 months ago

A Petri net modeling framework for the Julia programming language

Updated 4 weeks ago

A framework for applied category theory in the Julia language

Updated 2 days ago

Build petri net agent based models compositionally

Updated 2 weeks ago

building SQL categorically

Updated 3 weeks ago

Micah Halter's Genome calculated by 23andMe

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 4 months ago

Updated 2 years ago

Script to backup a folder and also be able to maintain several previous versions efficiently

Updated 2 years ago

This is an MLA latex style formatter package.

Updated 2 years ago

This is a C implementation of the Huffman coding compression algorithm for my Data Structures I class.

Updated 2 years ago

This is the final project for a computer science course at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Updated 2 years ago

This is a Java implementation of a multiplayer version of Conway's Game of Life two-dimensional cellular automata.

Updated 2 years ago

This is a java based reverse polish notation calculator for my current advanced programming class. I started off building a stack data structure class, and then built this calculator around it.

Updated 2 years ago

Java implementation of 2048

Updated 2 years ago

A julia package for representing and manipulating model semantics

Updated 10 months ago

NodeMCU Based RGB Lamp

Updated 2 years ago

This is a collection of LaTeX, pandoc markdown, and rmarkdown templates for the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Updated 9 months ago