A framework for applied category theory in the Julia language

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building SQL categorically

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Personal website hosted @

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Build petri net agent based models compositionally

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Landing page for AlgebraicJulia

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This library allows one to create PGF/TikZ pictures and save in various formats.

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A Petri net modeling framework for the Julia programming language

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Self contained virtual environments for Julia.

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Draw commutative diagrams using tikz-cd

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This is a collection of LaTeX, pandoc markdown, and rmarkdown templates for the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

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My dotfiles for my Linux rice managed with stow and make

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A julia package for representing and manipulating model semantics

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mehalter / LMoP
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Julia library supporting various freedesktop standards.

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This is a work in progress of an Ansible playbook that will audit and harden PostgreSQL 9 to the DoD STIG v1r6.

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Advent of Code 2019 Repository

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