82 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  HMH 2b8ac2dbca Make limit_to available for TIKZ like with TEX 1 month ago
  Robert Moss a0a281a7e2 Added adjustbox `width` and `height` options 5 months ago
  Mirko Bunse a2b192304b Fall back on the DVIBackend if anything breaks, @eval in TikzPictures instead of Main 6 months ago
  Mirko Bunse 62ad8cb62d Trying to fix the tests at RegistryCI 6 months ago
  Micah Halter 4b469b6367
Added custom environments to support tikz-cd 6 months ago
  Mirko Bunse 1233dd4edf Lazy-loaded backends for converting PDFs to SVGs: pdf2svg, Poppler_jll, and dvisvgm 6 months ago
  Mirko Bunse b3d07a66ba Optionally omit the tikzpicture and document environments. 6 months ago
  Kyungdahm Yun 44760ff655 Use pdftocairo from Poppler_jll instead of pdf2svg 8 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 1baee78ee2 fixes #53 11 months ago
  Mosè Giordano 8855fdbe21 Add a runtime warning if pdf2svg could not be found 1 year ago
  Balázs Ferenc Mezei a7da6ebb59 Simplify path 2 years ago
  Balázs Ferenc Mezei e2719d4063 Fix temp directory paths 2 years ago
  Shushman 77fda1e1ef Using do block instead of functions 2 years ago
  Shushman f7f33b6f73 Merging correctly with master 2 years ago
  Shushman 8b0cc8b432 Modified save functions to use 2-argument cd 2 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 7f579a5ef1 fixes #42 2 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer f2f261bfc5 fix for windows 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury ee930f038d Deleted project.toml, changed julia version and if-check for SVG 2 years ago
  Shushman bbe6d267f1 achieves desired behavior 2 years ago
  Shushman 7b4d656f68 Giving save(SVG) independent behaviour 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury 87d7374dbb Stopped working again [WIP] 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury 98fb110d37 Addressed TIm's PR comments 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury 6de2354d6e Fix the messy saving to tmp 2 years ago
  Bart Janssens 891ab3a4ae Fix log name 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury f4e5e76b7a updated replace 2 years ago
  Daniel Harasim 7d3827260d update to the new 1.0 syntax of the `relpace` method 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury 9ed2390e37 Works on 1.0 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury e507472d02 mimewritable -> showable 2 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 0dd1f95bb5 need to check target file, not source file 2 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 8759c1d649 fixed issue where intermediate files were not being deleted in some caseS 2 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 3cc3d17518 julia 0.7-beta2 changes 2 years ago
  sidthekid402 119e665bf1 Remove unnecessary snippet pt 3 2 years ago
  sidthekid402 3dde7b12a6 Remove unnecessary snippet pt 2 2 years ago
  sidthekid402 a0f5a4a048 Remove unnecessary snippet 2 years ago
  sidthekid402 624e0fa9f9 fixes 2 years ago
  sidthekid402 7c53a9a85d Julia 0.7 updates 2 years ago
  femtocleaner[bot] 80ba092b37 Fix deprecations 3 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 630ea40efc fixed #27 - turns out AbstractString still exists and LaTeXStrings and Strings are both subtypes thereof 3 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 0897265f91 its show, not write 3 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 1bd69c20c6 fix 3 years ago
  Tim Wheeler b36e589e61 Update TikzPictures.jl 3 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 79695e6c1a getting rid of Compat and AbstractString 3 years ago
  Konrad Heidler ed5af395d0 Fix deprecation warnings in Julia 0.6 3 years ago
  Martin Hofmann b6e1dfcd88 functionality to save `TikzPicture` as `tikz` file. 3 years ago
  Tim Wheeler 622544da95 warn 4 years ago
  epatters 41978043f3 Run LaTeX twice if necessary. 4 years ago
  Ritchie Lee 5d34a0e625 Compat for ASCIIString 4 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer baba140254 allow texlive 2016 to produce error messages; fixes #19 4 years ago
  Fredrik Ekre a06c14d3a6 deprecate 4 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 51f2a5ca1b implement standalone workaround so it works on both texlive 2016 as well as earlier versions 4 years ago