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  Mykel Kochenderfer f438c2bb7b
Update version 5 days ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 668dc8811b
Merge pull request #70 from H-M-H/master 5 days ago
  HMH 2b8ac2dbca Make limit_to available for TIKZ like with TEX 5 days ago
  Robert Moss 5bca9c2856 Bump version to v3.3.1 3 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 444a04d706
Merge pull request #66 from mossr/master 3 months ago
  Robert Moss a0a281a7e2 Added adjustbox `width` and `height` options 3 months ago
  Maxime 34dfc43aaa
Merge pull request #63 from mirkobunse/master 4 months ago
  Mirko Bunse a2b192304b Fall back on the DVIBackend if anything breaks, @eval in TikzPictures instead of Main 4 months ago
  Mirko Bunse 62ad8cb62d Trying to fix the tests at RegistryCI 4 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 2d37a11ad0
Merge pull request #61 from MaximeBouton/patch-1 4 months ago
  Maxime 528d307946
decrement version number 4 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer a5a9f2ad9e
Update compat and increment version 4 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer e7c30d5186
Increment version 4 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer f75c93bf9e
Merge pull request #59 from mehalter/master 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 77b5dfe4ce
Fixed outdated tikzcd syntax 4 months ago
  Micah Halter aace45ce63
modified tests 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 639b6f5f00
Added a few tests for tikzcd 4 months ago
  Micah Halter 4b469b6367
Added custom environments to support tikz-cd 4 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer f586d076e8
Merge pull request #57 from mirkobunse/master 4 months ago
  Mirko Bunse 0681f09479 Fix test for Julia-1.0 by omitting Poppler_jll there 4 months ago
  Mirko Bunse 1233dd4edf Lazy-loaded backends for converting PDFs to SVGs: pdf2svg, Poppler_jll, and dvisvgm 4 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer f5bc246f44
Increment version 5 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 1c27041d0d
Merge pull request #56 from mirkobunse/master 5 months ago
  Mirko Bunse d5c3e34ebb Check the content of the test file 5 months ago
  Mirko Bunse b3d07a66ba Optionally omit the tikzpicture and document environments. 5 months ago
  Tim Wheeler d47c694b44
Merge pull request #55 from tomyun/poppler_jll 7 months ago
  Kyungdahm Yun 44760ff655 Use pdftocairo from Poppler_jll instead of pdf2svg 7 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 9b2e4b3425
Update Project.toml 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 1baee78ee2 fixes #53 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 68149a1f5f simplify coveralls upload in yml 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 0e7ac5d52a add test dep 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer cb11fd3f26 move to project.toml 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer f3e8c5b0d1
Update .travis.yml 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 5b4dfc0842
Update .travis.yml 9 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 02cf688dc5
Merge pull request #52 from JuliaTagBot/master 11 months ago
  Julia TagBot df41daa05e Install TagBot as a GitHub Action 11 months ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer bf4343c448
Merge pull request #47 from giordano/warn 1 year ago
  Mosè Giordano 8855fdbe21 Add a runtime warning if pdf2svg could not be found 1 year ago
  Shushman Choudhury 660ab44d51
Merge pull request #46 from balazsmezei/fix-1 1 year ago
  Balázs Ferenc Mezei a7da6ebb59 Simplify path 1 year ago
  Balázs Ferenc Mezei e2719d4063 Fix temp directory paths 1 year ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer e570bd2c76
Merge pull request #45 from JuliaTeX/bugfix/auto-cd-revert 2 years ago
  Shushman 77fda1e1ef Using do block instead of functions 2 years ago
  Shushman f7f33b6f73 Merging correctly with master 2 years ago
  Shushman 6b74e3641f Merging with master 2 years ago
  Shushman 8b0cc8b432 Modified save functions to use 2-argument cd 2 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 0aafe26582
Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer 7f579a5ef1 fixes #42 2 years ago
  Mykel Kochenderfer f2f261bfc5 fix for windows 2 years ago
  Shushman Choudhury 0aa513214f
Merge pull request #39 from JuliaTeX/shushman/1.0-fixes 2 years ago