Draw commutative diagrams using tikz-cd
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A wrapper around TikzPictures.jl for easier drawing of commutative diagrams using tikz-cd


Currently requires TikzPictures.jl to be added in development using ]dev TikzPictures

In order to use this library, lualatex must be installed. The texlive and miktex distributions include lualatex. You must also have dvisvgm installed.

On Ubuntu, you can get these, if not already present, by running:

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base and sudo apt-get install texlive-binaries


tp = TikzCD(L"""
A \arrow{rd} \arrow{r} & B \\
                       & C
""", options="scale=0.25")

For more usage details, check out the TikzPictures.jl repository.