A framework for applied category theory in the Julia language https://algebraicjulia.github.io/Catlab.jl/latest/
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Evan Patterson 4359fe10a1 REFACTOR: Remove `EmbeddedGraphs` submodule. 2 days ago
categorical_algebra ENH: Parameters (constant values) for conjunctive queries on ACSets. 4 weeks ago
core ENH: Get generators from presentations by indexing. 3 months ago
graphics REFACTOR: Replace `MetaDiGraph` with C-set graph in directed WDs. 3 months ago
graphs REFACTOR: Remove `EmbeddedGraphs` submodule. 2 days ago
linear_algebra BUILD: Update GLA tests for compatibility with IterativeSolvers v0.9. 3 weeks ago
programs CLEANUP: Special case for unary named tuples in `@relation` macro. 3 weeks ago
theories BUG: Fix braidings in GAT for symmetric monoidal double categories. 2 months ago
wiring_diagrams TST: Increase test coverage for new ACSet implementation of DWDs. 4 days ago
Project.toml ENH: Conjunctive queries of attributed C-sets. 1 month ago
runtests.jl REFACTOR: Move `Graphs` module to top level. 3 months ago