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  Evan Patterson 905f7a4acd
Merge pull request #378 from epatters/remove-embedded-graphs 2 days ago
  Evan Patterson 4359fe10a1 REFACTOR: Remove `EmbeddedGraphs` submodule. 2 days ago
  Evan Patterson 46602c6b64
Merge pull request #371 from epatters/acset_dwds 4 days ago
  Evan Patterson d50033326d TST: Increase test coverage for new ACSet implementation of DWDs. 4 days ago
  Evan Patterson e22d467062 CLEANUP: Simplify ACSet implementation of DWDs. 2 weeks ago
  Sophie Libkind 375b0ea83e REFACTOR: Uses ACSets to implement directed wiring diagrams. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson cb2d9cbfcb
Merge pull request #369 from epatters/compat-helper 2 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 395e30e13a BUILD: Set up CompatHelper. 2 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 307a917d04
Merge pull request #368 from ChrisRackauckas/patch-2 2 weeks ago
  Christopher Rackauckas 6cded56c14
Allow Reexport 1.0 2 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson b4274de83a
DOC: Replace Zenodo badge in README with OSF badge. 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 74c2849b27
Merge pull request #365 from MasonProtter/patch-1 3 weeks ago
  Mason Protter 853e6e2fb2
use StaticArrays 1.0 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 673393845e
BUILD: Release Catlab v0.10. 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 759572d0c1 CLEANUP: Special case for unary named tuples in `@relation` macro. 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 0179ff47e0 BUILD: Update GLA tests for compatibility with IterativeSolvers v0.9. 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson d38525918a
Merge pull request #364 from epatters/conjunctive-query-constants 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 721b17a548 ENH: Parameters (constant values) for conjunctive queries on ACSets. 4 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 691189ce2d ENH: Dedicated type for functions in Set taking a constant value. 4 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 0545ec41d0 CLEANUP: Reexport `Sets` module from `FinSets` module. 4 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson ad7fa6ce0e
Merge pull request #362 from epatters/pretty_tables_function 4 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 023adbca05 TST: Duplicated name of test submodule. 4 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 5af2e2b428 ENH: Function `pretty_tables` as alternative to `show` for ACSets. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 1fd97b79b9
Merge pull request #345 from olynch/acset-queries 4 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson df9703fec5
Merge pull request #361 from epatters/implicit-context 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 3403052216 ENH: Let context be omitted in `@relation` macro for untyped UWDs. 1 month ago
  Owen Lynch 792e13abd4 ENH: ACSetView data structure + queries and filters. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 4436742389
Merge pull request #358 from epatters/bipartite-limits 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 49d05ee9e6 PERF: Use greedy heuristic to choose which join to perform. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 65a3531209 CLEANUP: Reimplement `unpack_diagram` using @olynch's new `map`. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 16f643d5d1 TST: More tests of conjunctive queries on ACSets. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 8cfe36cb8b ENH: Conjunctive queries of attributed C-sets. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 16596a0cda ENH: `Fin(Dom)Function` constructors for subparts of C-sets. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson f1eab193ea ENH: Treat finite-domain functions based on ranges as indexed. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson f06b39a79c ENH: Efficient limits of bipartite free diagrams. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 234676d8e5 ENH: Products of TypeSets and their universal property. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 26f6cc8823 REFACTOR: Use bipartite diagrams in structured cospan UWD algebra. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 3fb4283164 ENH: Colimits of bipartite free diagrams. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson df47277b85 ENH: Data type and converters for free diagrams that are bipartite. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 7542248c68
Merge pull request #352 from olynch/acset-map 1 month ago
  Owen Lynch 025fb3c638 FIXUP: removed spurious imports/exports 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 6d14c75467
Merge pull request #359 from epatters/multiway-hash-join 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 170af70680 PERF: Don't unnecessarily resize arrays in sort-merge joins. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 4972b169f0 PERF: Benchmarks for ternary pullback, aka three-way join. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson aa677fb07b ENH: Multiway hash joins. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 67524d3a8e
Merge pull request #355 from epatters/indexed-fin-functions 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson ab947b9342
Merge pull request #356 from epatters/refactor-commutative-squares 1 month ago
  Owen Lynch 94ec5061e7 ENH: generalized map to take in multiple functions 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson c10c4c094e DOC: Add README explaining how to run the package benchmarks. 1 month ago
  Evan Patterson 68e474c515 REFACTOR: Move squares to new `CommutativeDiagrams` module. 1 month ago