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  bosonbaas aa2af80231
Merge pull request #20 from AlgebraicJulia/algpetri_update 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Baas 4e3c28a037 Updated Catlab compat 3 weeks ago
  Andrew Baas af3cc348fe Updated AlgPetri compatibility 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 737df46a6c
Merge pull request #19 from AlgebraicJulia/dataframes-compat 3 weeks ago
  Evan Patterson 066f88a9a4
BUILD: Compatibility with DataFrames v0.22. 4 weeks ago
  bosonbaas 4ca223b9f7 Upping version number 1 month ago
  bosonbaas 4899f25d61
Merge pull request #16 from AlgebraicJulia/fix_functor 1 month ago
  bosonbaas 3a5037953c BugFix: set_subparts! no longer accepts dictionaries 1 month ago
  bosonbaas 1194f03f1c Upping the version number 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 909c8b151f
Merge pull request #13 from AlgebraicJulia/acset_refactor 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 16b871c0d8 Added compat entry for AlgebraicPetri 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 31f27b3fec Removed unnecessary dependencies 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 4e0c497f81 Merge branch 'acset_refactor' of github.com:AlgebraicJulia/AlgebraicRelations.jl into acset_refactor 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 26d61c6c9e Removed old pluto notebook 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 8e8c98a19a
Update README.md 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 9b5cb677d1 Added tests and ensured notebook compilation 2 months ago
  bosonbaas bf84c2bba9 Updated workbook and readme 2 months ago
  bosonbaas d9c9d8c484 Transition from Workflows to Presentations 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 08c16c4ccf Changed workflow to accept datatypes, added tests 2 months ago
  bosonbaas c554fd6186 Bug fix in functor junction re-arrangement 2 months ago
  bosonbaas fad4eefb0d Changed the construction of queries to be based on a more generalized function 2 months ago
  bosonbaas d1677b06e5 Updated petri visualization to work with AlgebraicPetri 2 months ago
  bosonbaas 753862dad5 Updated ml example 3 months ago
  bosonbaas 2a466c51dd Added type inference for @query macro 3 months ago
  bosonbaas cc704d8cad Added PetriNet from Presentation and general bug fixes 3 months ago
  bosonbaas 5e183c8382 Added workflow visualualization and general bug fixes 3 months ago
  bosonbaas f6c5f2d9a9 Added workflow -> schema conversion 3 months ago
  bosonbaas bb6e22c13a Removed legacy code in favor of ACSet progress 3 months ago
  bosonbaas fd7e3df59e Added SQL connection example 3 months ago
  bosonbaas 0d9c76c626 Added Interface implementation for ACSets 3 months ago
  bosonbaas 4e866efbc9 Added prepared statements 3 months ago
  bosonbaas efbc2d30fd Update to Catlab 9.0 3 months ago
  bosonbaas 85de64dd76 Added graphing and comparison operators 3 months ago
  bosonbaas e09fc9359d Added to_sql implementation 3 months ago
  Andrew Baas ec8a9e37e9 Fixed function naming inconsistency 3 months ago
  bosonbaas e3f240d7be Added @query macro and ACSet-based DB storage 3 months ago
  bosonbaas b6fa0fd6d2 Updated dependencies 3 months ago
  bosonbaas 79b558a9b3 Clarified some UWD-related code 5 months ago
  bosonbaas a11c34f506 Added UndirectedWiringDiagram and @relation support 5 months ago
  bosonbaas 951be80108
Logo Development (#5) 6 months ago
  bosonbaas 80567f0545
Removed Schema.jl and added some docs (#4) 6 months ago
  bosonbaas b0a415641b
Added theory sources 6 months ago
  bosonbaas bb27660e1e
Test dev (#3) 6 months ago
  James 8acbb37cea
Merge pull request #1 from AlgebraicJulia/package_cleanup 6 months ago
  Micah Halter aba708152d
Added test status badge 6 months ago
  Micah Halter 60bc3c8b06
Cleaned up some structure, added compat entries, removed unnecessary dependencies, and added a gitignore and github actions 6 months ago
  bosonbaas f870d57990
Create LICENSE 7 months ago
  bosonbaas 22e38e9214 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:bosonbaas/AlgebraicRelations 7 months ago
  bosonbaas 9f6d9f9460 Changed from Jupyter to Pluto notebook 7 months ago
  bosonbaas f20117a9a1
Added significantly more operating information 7 months ago